Our Team

Here at KSU Miracle we place a huge emphasis on being a family. As a family it is important that you know why we do what we do. Our 'why' is our everything. It's what keeps each member of this organization going when the road gets long and our goals seem so far out of reach. Get to know us by getting to know our why's.


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Nick Turano  

"I dance for Anthony, who doesn't get to have the same privileges as the other kids kids in his class. I dance for the kids who have it hardest and are still the happiest people I've met. I dance because no amount of pain in my life could make me as tough as the kids at CHOA. I dance with joy because God made every child perfect in His eyes, and every struggle is a part of His beautiful plan. I was given this opportunity for a reason, and I will dance with every ounce of my heart and soul for those who can't."


Josh Williams

"There are so many reasons for why I dance, but Terriann Reisinger plays a huge role in my "why". CHOA was able to help her fight through severe heart and thyroid issues. Her strong will to fight and her love for these amazing children fuel the fire and passion that I have to dance for those who can’t."


Jessica Tang

"I dance for the kids who have more strength and courage than I could ever have. I dance for the kids who ran home to Jesus with open arms and are now dancing in Heaven with Him. I dance to spread awareness of how we all can make a difference. Each and every one of us have a purpose in this world and it is up to you to chose how you want to make an impact. I dance for these kids because they are the toughest soldiers on the field (and I'm one of your biggest fans!!). I dance for my little sister, Sereyna, who almost lost her life but was given another chance (shout out to the liver transplant team!!!). MIRACLES are truly being made here."

4. Ericka Dunn.jpg

ericka dunn

"I dance for the kids that may never get the chance to. I dance for the kids and their families that continue to fight no matter how hard it gets. I dance because no child or family should have to fight this battle alone. I dance for the kids that have been called home."

Connor Hollifield

“I dance for my sister Raegan and all the special children like her! Like Raegan many of the children treated atChildren's Miracle Network hospital have unique diseases that keep them from doing things most children do.  Not only does dance marathon raise money for Children's Miricle Network, but also gives these children a day full of fun! Dance marathon creates a place where children can feel wanted, unjudged, and apart of something greater. This is why I dance!”


Darby Smith

“I dance because it's such a small way to give and help out families that have already been through so much. I dance because it brings joy to the miracles families and children.”


Lacey Lambert

"I dance for the children who can't. My baby brother Landon passed away in 2003, and ever since then I knew I wanted to help impact the lives of children in any way possible. I dance for the children who are in Heaven with our Savior and for those who are sitting in hospital beds. I dance for the children who are healthy and thriving. I dance to celebrate all the miracles. I dance to make a day for these children to forget about whatever is going on in their lives and to just have fun. I dance to put a smile on their face and to create hope for those still fighting."


Cori JOhnson

"I dance to lift the spirits of those families that are struggling and to motivate others to do more to help them. I dance for the children that I have seen in CHOA hospitals fighting to keep a strong smile on their faces. I dance so I can make those smiles last a lifetime. I dance so I can form relationships with these families and offer even my one ray of sunshine on their lives."


Yeoryia Vastakis

"I dance for something bigger than myself. I dance for the children who can't and wish they could. I dance for the lives lost because they were needed to dance in heaven so I dance for them on earth. I dance to make a difference and impact the lives of those around me. CHOA is doing big things for those in need and I am beyond blessed to take part in an organization who cares so much to help the ones in need. I dance for hope and a brighter tomorrow because these kids and their families deserve all the happiness they can get."

Alexis Erebia

"I dance for the children I met through Georgia College Miracle, and now the ones I will meet through KSU Miracle. I dance for any child who can't, couldn't, and/or never will again. I dance for any single person with a childlike spirit who are in the same situation as these kids. I dance to remember my mother, who couldn't stand for her last couple months of life but made sure to keep her hospice bed grooving with her moves. I dance for cures and treatments to come in the future. I dance because I've been there, and I know these families need reasons to keep hope and joy. I dance for awareness. I dance for legacies. I dance for something so much bigger than myself. I dance for heroes. I dance for angels. I dance FOR. THE. KIDS!"

10. Katherine Jorgensen.JPG

Katherine Jorgensen

"I dance for the kids who fight everyday, yet are still full of laughter. I dance so every kid in the future can. I dance for an organization that is bigger than myself, an organization that provides hope to families everyday and shows you that there is no greater joy than to give."  

Belle Jones

"I dance so that they can keep smiling. I dance for the kids that go to sleep and wake up in a hospital room. I dance for the families that endure things that I simply cannot imagine. I dance for the children who live and share their stories. I dance for the amazing staff of CHOA, in honor of all the hard work they do. Lastly, I dance because it is an honor to get to be a member of this amazing dance marathon family here at kennesaw state. I can't wait to see how much we raise #ftk this year!"


Harrison Paul

"I dance for the kids who are not able to dance. I dance for the kids who fight each and every day. I dance because I believe in helping others. I dance for something bigger than myself.  I dance for children's."


Megan Lukas

"I dance because I want to make a difference in something bigger than myself. KSU Miracle has changed my life and I want to make miracles alongside others who share the same goal to change these kids' lives. FTK always."

14. Sierra Shipley.JPG

Sierra Shipley

"I choose to dance for all of the kids who cannot and to fight for those kids who are fighting for their lives everyday. I choose to dance because I want to help make miracles."

15. Angel Ramirez.PNG

Angel Ramirez

"I dance so kids can have a chance to run 5ks and do any activities they want. I dance for all the kids that won't dance again. I dance to make miracles happen."


Raven Blevins

“Why do I dance? The list goes on and on. I dance so that one day the kids I'm dancing for can dance for the next generation. The kids are truly my heros-- they are the tiniest, yet STRONGEST fighters, and they do it with a smile on their face. I dance for those who can't dance so that one day they can. I dance because this organization changes lives and saves every day. Miracles truly do happen and KSU Miracle has shown me that in so many different ways.”

17. Cambryn Adams.JPG

Cambryn Adams

"I dance for miracles. I dance for second chances. I dance to make a difference, a change. To give hope and love and laughter. I dance for the one's who have had their miracles and those who are still waiting. I dance to be a part of something that is bigger than myself, one generation that is fighting for the next. I dance to see that twinkle in a child's eye who is having fun and gets to forget about their illness, if only for a moment. The times they are giggling full of joy. I dance for them, I dance for the kids."

Jessi Donahue

“I dance for the kids who are fighting for their lives everyday because no one should fight alone.”


Kelly Oren

“I dance for the kids who can't. I dance to be apart of something much bigger than myself, with hopes to make a difference and to impact lives. I dance for the kids whose lives have been lost, and for those who fight so hard each and every day to keep theirs. I dance for each precious child that has gone through CHMN.”


Marylee Johns

"I dance for the kids. For the kids who show endless amounts of hope, joy, and bliss despite their circumstances. I dance because everyone deserves a second chance and everyone deserves to feel loved. I dance because i want others to feel the same passion. I dance for the countless prayers, tears, and dreams of all the families and children. I dance because i want to make a difference, just like they've made a difference to me."

21. Taylor Poore.JPG

Taylor Poore

“I dance for the kids who are no longer able to dance. I dance for the hope that one day they can stand on their own and can carry the support that was given to them through Dance Marathon. I dance to support the children and families of CHOA to show that they are not alone. I dance to be apart of something much bigger than myself with hope that one day every child spends their days at home instead of a hospital bed.”

22. Zachary Arriola.jpg

Zachary Arriola

“There are a number of reasons why I dance. I dance for those who spend day in and day out fighting. I dance for the families that dedicate their lives to being there every step of the way for their loved ones fighting. I dance for those who never got the chance to. I dance to see the smiles, laughter, and joy on the faces of those who face hardships each and every day. The Kids have taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine, things that can’t be taught in a classroom. I dance for reasons that can’t be put into words. I dance For The Kids.”


Mikey Shapiro

"Watching the success of Dance Marathon this past year has influenced me to take action. I've never felt more at home than being surrounded by the amazing miracle families and my peers dancing all day and night (I like-a-do-a the cha cha). It truly made me realize how much there is to be thankful for."

24. Bailey Brown.JPG

Bailey Brown

“I dance for the miracles that happen everyday! I dance for the kids that can't! I dance for the fighters who everyday go against the odds! I dance to raise awareness and show thanks! I dance for all that CMNH has done and for all the continues to do! I dance for the kids!”

25. Chris Sterling.jpeg

Chris Sterling

“I dance for those who cannot. I dance for all who have been affected by this awful disease in the past, who are fighting now, and those that will be affected in the future. I dance for this incredible organization, which is more like a family. I dance for the dream of finding a cure. I dance for the glory of my God. I dance because I believe everyone should strive to leave the world a better place than when they found it.”

23. Cade Park.jpg

Cade Park

“As a freshman in high school a girl in my neighborhood (Lily) was diagnosed with cancer and passed away by my junior year. This girl was an extremely special person not only in my life but she was special to everyone in the community. Her strength and courage united an entire community and inspired me. I heard about dance marathon from my sister who was a Phi Mu at KSU and the great cause that it serves. As soon as I was accepted into Kennesaw I knew I wanted to be involved in a cause that plays a crucial role to help raise money to save lives such as Lily's. This is why I dance.”

26. Abby McDonald.jpg

Abby McDonald

“I dance because I believe in miracles. I dance for the kids who fearlessly dance through every battle. I dance for the families who fight and persevere without wavering. I dance for those who were called home to dance with Jesus, and I dance because I want everyone to dance for the kids here on earth for as long as possible. ”

27. Kayla Wolinsky.JPG

Kayla Wolinsky

“I dance because some of my closest friends were Miracle Children! CHOA is not just an organization; it's a family, and it has stolen my heart! I dance to make miracles!”


Gabby Zito

“I dance for all of the children who can't dance. For all of the kids who
will never be able to live a normal life, and for the kids that had their lives taken too soon. I dance to spread awareness.”

29. Brody Lloyd.png

Brody Lloyd

“I dance for the kids who have never gotten the chance to. I dance for the kids who one day will be able to dance because of the miracles that one day will change their lives. I dance for all the miracle families. I dance for KSU miracle and my miracle team. I dance for prayer and all the families that are going through hard times in their life right now.”


Costa Johnson

“I dance to try and make a difference in the community, seeing all the kids through KSU miracle warms my heart so much. Over summer I work for a Christian summer camp, and kids have always had a very special place in my heart. I choose to dance to make miracles, just like all the kids we dance for! FTK!”


Kendall hobowski

“I dance for the Miracles that happen every day. I dance so that kids no longer have to feel as though the hospital is their home away from home. I dance for the families who are tired and hurting but never lose faith. I dance for those who so badly want to but they physically cannot. I dance so that one day those kids can dance along side of all of us. I dance for the kids. ”


Jason Klien

“I dance for the kids that are stronger than I could ever be. I dance for the kids, so they can make all of their dreams come true. I dance to show these families that they’re not alone in any fight. I dance for the kids who are not able to dance. I dance because i believe in miracles. I dance for the amazing people of CHOA and KSU Miracle.”