Thank You, Phi Mu

They are the 2018 Greek Week Champions, have the highest Panhellenic GPA, and are the largest contributors to KSU Miracle. Phi Mu Fraternity has constantly shown an excellence and ambition like no other for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

This week, Phi Mu was announced as the Greek Week Champions after just coming off of a huge Bonnamu event, which benefits Children’s Healthcare. In the 2017-2018 year, Phi Mu  raised $81,365.25 for KSU Miracle, making them our top fundraising team. Phi Mu endlessly serves the kids, CHOA, and KSU Miracle through events over the year such as Bonnamu, PHIFA, unique PR tables, and their huge Donor Drive contributions.

KSU Miracle is forever grateful and honored to have their sisters as such huge contributors and endless supporters of the kids. We are so excited to see the huge accomplishments and fundraising from them in the 2018-2019 year!

Thank you, Phi Mu, for fearlessly fighting for those who can’t and playing a huge role in getting KSU Miracle to where it is today. We wouldn’t have raised $330,541.18 without all of you! So... what’s your goal going to be this year, ladies?

Best. Day. Ever.

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Disney characters have a way of bringing out the kid in all of us. Whether it be through your favorite princess, loyal side kick, or even just the catchy songs that you can’t help but sing along to, you are bound to find something that will make you smile. For me, that would be Rapunzel. She is free spirited, kind hearted, and willing to do whatever it takes to have the best day ever. On September 23rd, I had the opportunity of a lifetime, to have all of my wildest dreams come true and actually be Rapunzel!! We were hosting a Princess and Superhero hospital party that day, and I was attempting to make my own version of Rapunzels costume but the owner of The Princess Project reached out to me and asked if I would like to actually be Rapunzel, full blown Rapunzel! Of course I jumped at the opportunity and that morning I was off to hair and make up and well a 50 pound wig later and I looked exactly like Rapunzel. My inner child was crying, but what really made my day was not the chance to be my absolute favorite princess but the chance to be my favorite princess at my favorite children’s hospital for the kids I love so much. When we arrived at the hospital we took the typical photos in front of Hope and Will outside, but once we stepped inside everything changed. As soon as I walked through the sliding doors of Scottish Rite I was greeted with the giddiest of smiles and a screetching “Mommy look it’s Rapunzel.” My automatic thought was “What would Rapunzel do?” So I grabbed my best friend Pascal, nelt down, and let out the happiest of “It’s so nice to meet you, what’s your name?” And my world was changed. The light in each child’s eyes was one I will never forget. It is the most pure and happy look in the world and gives you the best warm feeling inside your heart. So as the day went on, I met with more kids, made sure to not break character, sang “I see the light,” laughed and enjoyed what was truly the best day ever.

Author : Kim Snipes, Creative Content Chair